The New Bus Terminal and Mall

The amount of construction that goes on around here is amazing. There are residential and commercial projects everywhere! One of the biggest is a new bus terminal and mall which is supposed to rival Albrook in Panama City. I hadn’t been to the site in a while so I rode over to see what was going on. They have been busy! I wrote something in late March, and they were working on the first floor of the terminal and starting the second. Now, they are starting on a fourth floor!

I first went to the entrance of the site on Via Boquete, and then to the residential area south of the site where you can look down on the terminal side of the construction.

There is a video that shows what they plan the finished terminal to look like.

Just a couple other things… Joel’s band has been busy lately so we have driven up to Boquete a number of times. It’s usually gorgeous on the way up but I never get tired of seeing the mountains. This day we drove up in the rain but as we got close to Boquete, the sky cleared up and the sun was shining on the green mountain beyond.

I missed most of mango season between being sick and then away on a visit to the US. But, there is one late fruiting tree that is still dropping really big green/red mangoes that are amazing. It’s in a vacant lot and the iguanas are usually there enjoying the fruit too. I caught one of them with my camera.

Life in Panama! Other than this, settling in with the new dog, and the normal activities of life there isn’t a whole lot new at the moment. Mi vida difícil continúa 😀


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. ToriTori says:

    I was recently there a few weeks ago and saw this! Thanks for the video of helping me see what it would be like in the future. I’m hoping to come again before the summer is out. I tell everyone here in the U.S. that Panama, especially Boquete and David, feel like home! ❤️


  2. Laureen says:

    Come on over for a visit Kris! Our mangoes are not quite ready yet (for my taster anyway) but some folks like them green. We’ve purchased some perfect ones at the tianguis. 👅 If your timing is right, you can pick mangoes off our tree.


    • They eat green mangoes here too, but I like them ripe and sweet. So, if I time it right and travel north, I can follow the mangoes all the way through Mexico! 😀


  3. raj484 says:

    Thanks for the update Chris. That new mall and terminal will be awesome.


    • I think the new terminal will be very helpful. As for the mall, it looks like a lot of shopping to me to keep everyone in business but along with Panamanians, a lot of folks come in from Costa Rica for the lower prices so we shall see.


  4. Evelyn Whitby says:

    Hi Kris! I am from Alberta Canada and we are planning on spending the winter in Panama! We are still a little undecided about where to stay this time. We stayed in Boquete and Bocus last time we came to visit but are thinking of El Valle or Pedasi this time! I must say that I really enjoy your posts and if we decide on David or Boquete I will for sure look you up. I would love to hear your husband’s band as well. If we decide on David can you suggest an area that is safe for a couple of Canadian gringos! Keep up the great blog! Ev Whitby


  5. Man’s foot print continues to grow, all over the world. It sounds like this place is growing at record numbers. Have you posted stats for that before…just curious! Have a good one, Carey.


    • Bob Adams also has quite a few videos on YouTube. I’m not much for statistics and that type of info, but this guy is an expert. I notice a lot of growth in the middle class, better homes, newer cars, pursuing more education, and opportunity. It’s a nice feeling to be in a country that is doing so well.


  6. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    Absolute best thing about Panama: unless it is snow you want, you can find any climate with less than half a day’s drive. Or sometimes just sit still and wait half a day! Haha
    Even in Panama City, one can drive to the top of Ancon and sometimes be above the clouds and rain. I worked up there some days and it was spooky driving through the rain/fog and finding the summit in blinding sunshine. Same for Contractor’s Hill (AKA Gaillard Cut, Culebra Cut) when I worked up there.

    When going to Boquete, you can see fog, sunshine as you reach the ridge, then total cloud cover as you drive down past the Virgin into Bajo Boquete. At that point, there are 5 or 6 different climates depending on which area you visit. The new plaza proposed for Boquete should have a great view of the valley during the dry season.


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    • Wow, I didn’t know about that new plaza. Nice. There is also something going on in the main street, another little plaza that looks like it’s going to be very nice.
      Yes, I know about the various climates just minutes from each other and it often happens we drive through the rain to find it clear in Boquete. or the other way around.
      You worked on Ancon hill? I love it up there! It’s a natural little jungle but you can see and hear the city, and the views are wonderful. We stayed at a hotel up there once that unfortunately is now closed.


  7. ME BE in Panama says:

    The David mall looks a whole lot different than when we left. All the construction was horizontal then, now there’s a lot of vertical. Good sign. I hope it provides some good jobs for people in David, they need them.


    • They have been very busy! We were surprised at the progress after being gone for only a month. I think there are lots of jobs though, and the middle class here seems to be thriving and progressing. it’s nice to see.


  8. Ah progress – this looks promising, especially since it promises new jobs for the local people!
    Lovely to read about the micro climates and scenery across Panama. I got to talking with my ‘handy woman’ the other day and it turns out she’s visited Panama – her face lit up and she said she found it a very beautiful country.


    • Panama is a very beautiful country! I think I fell in love when I saw those lush green mountains from the window of the airplane. It’s also a happening, prosperous country. They say if someone isn’t working it’s because they don’t want to. There is lots of work, but not always great pay and there is a shortage of the more skilled and bilingual workers. They are requiring English in school now though, including all the teachers if they want to keep working.


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