Feliz Navidad!

It’s Christmas Eve in Panama. This is our fifth Christmas here, and I’ve written about it in other posts.  https://blog.thepanamaadventure.com/?s=Christmas

It’s also the beginning of summer and the dry season, and summer vacation time for the kids and many adults. And, it will be tourist season soon also as the “snowbirds” come down after the holidays to escape the cold weather in the north, though that affects Boquete much more than David. It was an adjustment here to have summer when everyone else is having winter, and having the days pretty much the same length the year around.

Christmas here is fun if you stay out of the shopping areas. All the stores are really busy in December because Christmas gift giving is an important part of the holiday. We went to Pricesmart last week and waited 30 minutes to check out. The staff said it’s like that every day in December. Parking lots of shopping areas are jammed. But, when you are retired the extra time isn’t a big deal.

Christmas eve is the main event here. People party, shoot off fireworks, and hang out with friends and family until midnight. At midnight it’s time to head indoors to call friends and family not present, have a traditional dinner, and open gifts. Christmas is relatively quiet, probably because everyone is recovering from the night before.

Our holiday is going very well so far. We went to Boquete last night for a band gig, fearing we would get tangled up in the congestion of the Christmas Parade but everything was fine and we arrived in the normal time. Some people were out of town, or on the wrong side of time to make it where we were, but we still had a very fun crowd. I enjoyed meeting some friends I had only known on line, and some others who I have known for longer, and everyone at “the blog table” had a great time! The drive up was gorgeous. We left breezy warm David, drove towards clouds and rainbows over beautiful mountains, but it was raining in Boquete for a good part of the evening.

Christmas for us will be quiet time at home, and enjoying tonight with friends and neighbors. Christmas (or any holidays) never has been a big event for me. I worked more than I spent it with family, and I’m not into the whole gift thing. If I can spend time with any friends and family who are nearby, and touch base with others who aren’t, that’s the holiday spirit for me.

I do want to take a moment to thank all of my blog followers! I have corresponded with many of you, and met others in person who have become good friends. I appreciate the time you all take to read what I post, and the time it takes to comment. I never expected the blog to turn into such a thing, way more than just keeping my friends and family updated. I’m really glad so many of you have found it helpful and enjoyable. I hope all of you have a good holiday season and those of you who find it challenging, find it easier than expected. But whatever happens the New Year is coming soon, and it will be time to plunge forward.

Best wishes to all of you 🙂

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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26 Responses to Feliz Navidad!

  1. mariah says:

    It’s been great to get to know you too Kris. I’ll always cherish a fun Panama excursions. Abrazos to you and Joel. Best to you both in 2018! By the way, when are you coming to Medellín?


    • Thank you! 🙂 We must come visit! You are there, and now Gary from the band is in Guatape, which I think is not that far from you. Colombia is becoming quite a popular place with a lot of people and I’ve love to check it out.


  2. Kathy Parsons says:

    Hi Kris, I wanted to post a comment on the “blog”, however i am still blocked, I know I am not doing something right, but At the moment do not have time to sort it out. I wanted to say, when you write, it feels like you are writing to me personally, even though I know you are not, lol. Enjoy your evening, we are heading to Panama City, we like to go there at this time because the city is empty, except us!!! And the christmas programs are better, and we usually treat ourselves to a fancy meal!!, (once a year!!,) And I am to add a new tradition this year, to visit the beach at sunset!!, We never make time for it, and for sure is not something I can do in Canada. They have white snow, to make snowmans, and we have white sand, to make our christmases white also !, lol. k

    Sent from my iPad



    • I think you are OK on the site. If you haven’t commented before, or the site doesn’t recognize you then your comment goes in a que to wait for me to approve it so it won’t show up right away. It a thing to cut down on spam.

      Thank you, glad you enjoy what I write. Maybe I’m writing to the collective you, and being part of that it is to you 🙂

      It sounds like you have some really nice Christmas plans, and the sunset on the beach sounds especially nice. Happy Holidays and thanks for the comment!


  3. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the holidays Kris. Thanks for another year of keeping me in touch with Panama when I’m away and for all the helpful information about this beautiful country.



  4. David Abbott says:

    This is also my 5th Christmas here. Best wishes at this timeof year


  5. Cindy says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Joel!


  6. Feliz Navidad Kris & Joel!


  7. oldsalt1942 says:

    Big dose of homesickness here in Bradenton Beach reading this. I miss my neighbors more than you can imagine. Those were strangers who accepted me without hesitation and made me a place in their lives. Right now I’m listening to Nenito Vargas y Las Plumas Negras.

    Prospero año nuevo amigos mios…


    • I can imagine. I wish we could email you back for a while. It’s the people who put this experience overs the top. We have been welcomed like that also.
      Prospero año nuevo a ti también


  8. chugwa says:

    It was great to be with you guys last night, Mary and I enjoyed ourselves, also made some new friends sitting at the blog table. The music was great and the bass player was in good form as we’re the other members of the trio thanks folks for a beautiful night


  9. Merry Christmas to you and Joel! I’ll be back in Panama Feb 21 until March 7 for the jazz festival again. I’m really looking forward to hearing you play in the band! I’ll also be making some excursions again to check out other areas of Panama and I would love it if you came along again. I had a really good time with you last year. See you in a few weeks! xxx


  10. Feliz Navidad! Hope you day is fun and relaxing.


  11. Edie Baxter says:

    Merry Christmas Kris! This is our 3rd Christmas here. I’m so glad the bass is working out for you so well. Quite a change from nursing. See you and Joel again soon, Edie Baxter


  12. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    I don’t know exactly how long I have been following your blog (Joel’s also in the beginning). I have a ton of blog links but only a very few that I follow daily, usually over coffee with Nena. Thank you for keeping us connected with your viewpoint, most appreciated.
    Yesterday was our Christmas. Three of the four grands spent the night and we opened presents on Christmas Eve after having WAY too much to eat. I did turkey and ham to satisfy all the tastes plus Nena and her sister turned out a dozen side dishes. Four kids and seven grups can put away a lot of food.
    During the gift opening, my youngest grand daughter found the tea set that Nena bought her. She is the one that still spends hours playing “doll house”. She told Nena she loved the tea set but she does NOT wash dishes! Where she gets these sayings is a mystery.
    Our next stop on the holiday schedule is Three Kings’ Day when Nena hands out more gifts, and the decorations start coming down.
    Prospero año y felicidad!


  13. Susan Isham says:

    Happy new year. Enjoy your blog ..alawys wanted to go to Panama.but life and now health got in the way ..thank you for your view of Panama almost like being there


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