Poison Dart Frog

I was having breakfast on the terrace and something small and blue caught my eye as it hopped across the cement.

I’ve seen these little frogs in the past, but not very often. It is said there are also red ones in the area but I haven’t seen any of them. Sorry for the less than wonderful photo but the frog was not interested in being visible and I was lucky to get this one.

There are many kinds of poison dart frogs in the world and only a few are dangerous. I wouldn’t put this one in my mouth, but it is said that it could be handled without a problem (not that I touch anything I see!). These frogs are also valued as pets. They get their toxins from the toxic insects they eat, so if you give them non toxic food they become perfectly safe to handle.

An aside…. my friend Jim in Florida was excited about these frogs and we had some interesting conversations about keeping them as pets. He was one big computer project away from early retirement, and then he was going to sail his sailboat to Panama and live his dream. He was found dead of a heart attack before he finished that last project. Live your dreams NOW whenever possible! You just never know. I will always think of him when I see a poison dart frog.

Here is a much better picture of the beautiful little frog that I found on kids.nationalgeographic.com.

It’s always interesting living here in the tropics. Most of the wildlife has become more familiar so I’m not always chasing things with my camera like I used to, but it’s still fascinating. There’s an incredible variety of insects and critters, and so many birds. I wake up every morning to birds singing everywhere, and others often sing for us at night.

Green/rainy season has returned to Panama so hopefully it’s easier for everything that lives outside. It’s cooler and much more pleasant for us too.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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16 Responses to Poison Dart Frog

  1. chugwa says:

    Was great to see you ,Joel and Chris last night, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed live music.Glad you had a good holiday with the kids,nice to have you back.


  2. oldsalt1942 says:

    Everyone who dies today planned on doing something tomorrow.


    • But, if you did it today …. and sometimes I have those days when I plan nothing, nothing at all. It’s a retirement luxury for us who sit on the couch instead of roughing it on a boat 😁


  3. Laureen says:

    Such an eye catching creature. I’ve only seen a red one in person, in Costa Rica. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing in creating beautiful beings,


  4. how great that you have your very-own-and-personal poison-dart frog mascot! lucky you!

    thanks for the trivia as well, and for the story about your friend and his dreams.


  5. Ken Kimsey says:


    I glanced at the email before I put my reading glasses on. I could have sworn the headline said: “Poison Fart Dog.”


    On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 2:44 PM, The Panama Adventure wrote:

    > Kris Cunningham posted: “I was having breakfast on the terrace and > something small and blue caught my eye as it hopped across the cement. I’ve > seen these little frogs in the past, but not very often. It is said there > are also red ones in the area but I haven’t seen any of them” >


  6. LOLOL. Poison fart dog. I have heard about some powerful dog farts so it could be possible. Hopefully it never applies to my dog, or yours.


  7. David says:

    Wonderful little frogs. I loved seeing them in Panama. such a tragic story about your friend. Your words hit the nail on the head, don’t be waiting around because you never know.
    I just saw your post from 15th June 13 on Poison Dart Frogs. You have captured an extraordinary moment and I’m not sure if you realise it. The frog in the photo is a male and the splodge on his back is a tadpole that he is carrying to a new pool of water that may be in a bromeliad or a broken coconut shell. Top shot! 🙂


    • Thanks so much for your comment. I remember that other photo and we wondered if that was a tadpole, but since we know nothing about frogs carrying their tadpoles we weren’t sure if that was possible. I’m especially surprised to learn its the male carrying one. I was just talking with my neighbor who said they used to see red, yellow, and these blue frogs but now you hardly ever see one. Apparently frogs are battling a fungus here, not sure if that is why or just too many people now.
      Yes, very sad about my friend, such a nice guy too.

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  8. Susan Wiest says:

    Thank you for sharing!


  9. Russ says:

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