Lets Go Hunt for Bananas!

Actually, we didn’t set out to hunt for bananas, but when we go walking in the forest who knows what will happen.


We set out into the beautiful forest

Those trees are tall!

Those trees are tall!

A butterfly! Of course I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures, and then switched to my macro lens for this one. This butterfly was wonderfully cooperative and sat quietly while I took photos.

beautiful butterfly

beautiful butterfly

Since I had my macro lens, why not photograph these tiny flowers?091

These little seeds are interesting too!


OK, OK, I’m coming! Wait for me.

We climbed up a small hill and found this spot with all these crazy vines hanging down from the trees.107

Then, farther along, bananas! What a beautiful spot. Nothing says tropical jungle to me like bananas growing wild in the forest.132

Look, bananas! This tree fell over with its stalk of bananas just waiting to be picked up. We must take them home and try them.129

So, we set off for home, down the other part of the hill, bananas in hand.136

This was last week. We set the bananas aside to get a little riper and then we tried them. They are short, plump, slightly pink, and very delicious! We decided that these are better bananas than we get from the produce vendors around town. What a nice surprise.

So, thinking about how we love to grow things that look beautiful and also produce food, what’s better than bananas! Yesterday, we set out for the banana spot again in search of pups, and sure enough there were many. Most of the pups were just growing out of fallen banana tree trunks, sitting on the ground rather than actually growing in it so it was very easy to get pups. We freed three of them in minutes with only a pocket knife.

We set off for home with our baby trees, and we even found some more bananas as well!

We set off for home with our baby trees, and we even found some more bananas as well!

One of them is more than a baby, probably more like an adolescent but it was also sitting on top of the ground and easy to get.070

Here is our new garden spot with the new bananas. I also put in a few pineapple tops, and soon I will have some tomato plants ready to set out. Nothing says tropical jungle garden like beautiful banana trees!

The photo at the top of the page was also taken near the banana spot. I think that twisted tree is so interesting.

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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15 Responses to Lets Go Hunt for Bananas!

  1. i am SO enjoying your posts and am there with you on our exploratory treks! keep on bloggin’! z


  2. marvelangga says:

    Won’t the banana plants grow offshoots when they’re older?


    • kristc99 says:

      Yes. I believe they will grow big enough to flower and fruit. Around the time the fruit ripens, the tree will fall over and new shoots will come up from the base. Different varieties may be different, but in general I think this is how it works.
      Thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. It’s wonderful to read your delight at discovering your new nature ‘hood’. Sounds like it’s fertile, exuberant and full of surprises.


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  6. petit4chocolatier says:

    I had a banana tree at one time and one year of storms prevented it from growing back. Your new trees look beautiful.


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