Isla Iguana

While we were in Pedasi, we spent an afternoon at a nearby wildlife refuge, Isla Iguana. (Iguana Island). It’s a really beautiful place and the weather was perfect, so we had a gorgeous day to enjoy such an outing.

About the police boats – apparently this area is close enough to Columbia to have occasional drug smugglers trying to get through, so the police patrol the area carefully. Someone told us that there was a bust in a town just a little ways north of here.

I had to show our passports to the police before we got in the boat. Then, on the way out a police boat came along side and had a lengthy conversation with the boat captain about who we were, where we were going, how he came to be taking us to the island, etc. There were three men on this boat, one with his face covered and a large machine gun. They seemed calm and polite but the look was a bit scary. I asked if I could take a photo of them and was told “no”, but Joel had his iPad in his lap and got a fantastic one (I will try to get my hands on his iPad and post it!)

Later, another boat stopped near the island and stayed for quite a while. One of the men appeared to be watching the island with binoculars, another talked on the phone, and the others just hung out. I snapped a few photos trying to look like I was just photographing the area in general because I didn’t want to get in trouble for taking their photo. Thank goodness for a decent zoom lens 😉

Other than this minor excitement, it was a really nice time on the island. The water was clear, calm, and a perfect temperature. I enjoyed hiking across the island and watching the birds. The hotel had packed us a picnic lunch in a cooler, and sent us with a bag of beach towels. I mentioned snorkels earlier but somehow we didn’t end up with them, so next time I will definitely have to do this. The water is definitely clear and beautiful enough to make snorkeling a pleasure, and there is a lot of coral and sea life here.

Another interesting thing that we just missed – whales come here to have their babies and take care of them until they are strong enough to move on. I will have to keep this in mind for a return visit!

A google search will bring up websites like THIS ONE, if you want to read more about the island. I’m off to see what other photos I have standing by.

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6 Responses to Isla Iguana

  1. cindy knoke says:

    this is so gorgeous~


  2. allison says:

    Along with your cow and man in a pick up truck picture, we had a lone horse in a pick up truck on our trip to Pedasi. Poor thing, he didn’t have any man to hold onto him, but the driver seemed to be going slow enough. We stood on that beach with the policia station. I can’t wait to go back to Pedasi and to Isla Iguana. Another time, another trip 🙂


    • We want to go back there too!
      Horses in trucks – we see that all the time here. I suppose it’s better than riding the horse down the highway and around town. I’ve seen them waiting in the supermarket parking lot, driving around, by the side of the road, everywhere! It seems to me in the Azuero Peninsula the people have less money so they aren’t as likely to own a truck, and they use the horses for transportation.


  3. Oh another adventure. AK-47s and everything. 🙂


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