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Some Interesting Thoughts About Health Care from another blog

This is from Future Expats Forum  I tried to share by reblogging it here but it didn’t work. Please excuse the previous blank post. Here is the cut and paste version from the Future Expats Forum website. Yes, those of … Continue reading

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Moving Abroad – Health Care – NY Times Article

I was contacted recently by Tim Gray, a writer for the NY Times. He’s an excellent journalist, a really nice guy, and I’ve enjoyed our conversations and correspondence a lot. He’s written an article about health care and insurance options … Continue reading

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My turn with the dentist

I was many months overdue for a cleaning and checkup, so I figured it was my turn to see the dentist. This was accomplished in short order for $30, and cleaning was done by the dentist himself. I’ve had trouble … Continue reading

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A Medical Appointment, a Trip to the Lab, Mae Lewis Hospital

Ma had a follow up appointment with the GP, Dr Luz Visuette at Mae Lewis Hospital. I went along for the appointment this time so I was able to observe.  I found the doctor kind, caring, thorough, and very competent. She … Continue reading

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More Encounters with the Panama Health Care System

Ma went back to see the eye doctor. It’s dryer and windier here now so her allergies and dry eyes were bothering her more. She got some different eye drops and a referral to an allergist. Again, we just showed … Continue reading

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A trip to the Doctor

One of the most frequent questions I get from people in the US – What is the medical care like down there? My husband’s 92 year old mother is with us and she needed a little help (nothing serious, prescription … Continue reading

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