Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

What an interesting assignment! It’s been quite a year here, with wrapping up our lives in Florida and moving to Panama.  Going through old pictures really showed me the road we have traveled. So, month by month… January 2012 – We visit Panama for the third time. The previous January, our first visit to Panama, we visited Panama City. Then, the previous June, we visited David and decided it was just right for us. This time we brought my husband’s 92 year old mother so she could see if she wanted to live in Panama also.

February 2012 – We return to Florida and decide to move now, this year, instead of waiting until 2014 when I’ll be eligible for social security. Meanwhile though, life goes on in Florida. I am in a photography meetup group, so when I’m not working and doing other things, I look for interesting things to photograph.

March 2012 – Bees make spring interesting with their swarming behavior. It was a good winter with no freeze so we will have mangoes this year.

April 2012 – This month the photography club’s topic is “Outside my Back Door”. As you can see, work on the house is in progress, but there is a ton of stuff to do to get it in good condition so we can sell it. We also need to get to work on Ma’s place so it can be sold. Trips to her place take us over the Sunshine Skyway bridge which often provides good photo ops.

May 2012 -Preparations continue. I continue to work (at my job, though I’d rather be working on the house) so progress is slow. Spring is a beautiful time in Florida so my camera is busy.

June 2012 – a significant month. I turned 60. My birthday bash was a trip to Austin to visit my younger daughter. My older daughter, and my sister and her husband also joined us there. I wrapped up my last cases so I could stop work and concentrate on the house and moving preparations full time. It is starting to feel like we are really doing this, though our plans to wrap everything up by the end of June aren’t going to happen.

July 2012 – I feel like things are moving forward at a much faster pace now. We have finished with the new roof. The yard looks good. Interior painting is under way. Things are leaving the house. But, the end is not yet in sight. There is still so much more to do.

August 2012 – We are still at it. *sigh*. We are consoled by watching home prices steadily go up in our neighborhood, while inventory remains very low and well priced houses sell quickly.

September 2012 – We are still here. I am feeling like it’s never going to end. I cannot do another yard sale. How are we going to get all this stuff out of here, and the rest of the work done? The realtor comes over and we firm up plans to have the house on the market by the end of the month. “Season” in Florida is coming again, and the summer doldrums are over when people go north to cooler places. This is good for home sales. Prices continue to rise and inventory remains very low. We also have gotten Ma’s place about as ready as we can for now. She is sorting and packing too. A realtor is lined up for her place. I refuse to spend another winter in Florida! It is time to move on.  I keep working, keep moving forward. I play more tennis for my mental health. I amuse myself with my camera and look forward to reading my photography books and learning about everything this camera can do.

October 2012 – This is IT. I have done everything I can do in Florida. I can’t stay any more. I have been packed for months. My stuff is cleared out. I am leaving. I find a $50 ticket from Ft Lauderdale to Panama City on the 10th, and click the “BUY” button. I pack one suitcase, one computer bag, and one carry on, and head off to a new life. I also start a blog.

November 2012 – I return to the USA. The house sells fast, cash offer, and they want to close in a week! Fed Ex in Panama… well lets just say the “Express” part isn’t entirely accurate. If we wait for papers to get back and forth we would continue to pay expenses on the house so it’s cheaper for me to fly back to the US and get the closing done quickly. I’ll also be on hand to assist my husband and his mother on their trip down here.

December 2012 – We live in Panama. Really? Is it true? Did we actually make it? After all the years and months and weeks and days of planning and working towards this and trying to make it happen, is this really our home now?! Where do you live? Vivimos en Panamá! My husband starts a blog. I don’t need to add a lot more now because this blog is full of stories of our new life here. The picture at the top, this is our backyard in the morning light.

This is down the road from our house. I never get tired of looking at the mountains in the clouds.

This is down the road from our house. I never get tired of looking at the mountains in the clouds.

We live in David, a city that has everything we need and more. We live among the nicest, warmest, most loving people you could know. Third world country? It certainly doesn’t feel like it. Many things are much better than they were in the US. It will be very interesting to write “My 2013 in Pictures” a year from now!

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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    Wonderful Pix, quite a year. Glad to see you happy & settled in. Happy New Year!


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