Cerro Punta – Do You Know Where Your Vegetables Come From?

Saturday we set out to see some new places and had a wonderful day! We headed to Volcan, and then east to Bambito where our friends were exhibiting at an art show. This is a lovely area in the mountains with streams flowing over rocks, big pine trees, and cool breezes.

After this we headed even higher into the mountains to see Cerro Punta, an area known for growing vegetables. I had visions of wide fields and was quite surprised. It is high in the mountains, very cool, and vegetables are grown up the sides of the mountains! I will definitely look at our vegetables with new appreciation after seeing all the people hard at work, often clinging to the side of a mountain.


How fascinating to see this area, and see what goes into producing our food! I was told that the volcanic soil here is very rich, and the cooler climate makes it possible to grow a lot of cooler weather vegetables.

I was also told it’s inexpensive to buy produce there and since we were there, I loaded up. The bags hanging above my head in the last photo – they are $1/each. I bought 3 bags of tomatoes, 1 bag of beets, 1 bag of onions, 1 bag of carrots, a very large head of broccoli, some green peppers, and two large cucumbers  $7.90.  This area is about 1 1/2 hours away from where we live so not practical for regular shopping, but I’ll certainly take advantage of it if we are in the area.

I am so thankful for this delicious healthy produce that we enjoy every day, and for all the hard working people who grow it for us. I’m also thankful that we were able to visit!

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4 Responses to Cerro Punta – Do You Know Where Your Vegetables Come From?

  1. Love these photots, Kris…especially the beautiful stream! the area looks idyllic with the lush fields of crops.


  2. oldsalt1942 says:

    I love it way up around Cerro Punta. I think it’s a LOT more scenic than Boquete, too. While the photos are terrific, isn’t it a shame that they’re only two dimensional and unable to impart the wonderful depth of the place?


    • Kris says:

      I like that area more too. It feels more open, more spacious and it’s really beautiful. That’s the trouble with photos. Often you just can’t show what you really see and feel.


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