An Indian House?


We’ve passed this house a number of times on our bicycle rides. It’s not far from El Rey and the big shopping center near us. I never took much notice of the green shack next to the house until the other day when I saw an Indian woman come out of it in her traditional ngobe bugle dress. Is it possible that she works for this house, and they have put her up in this shack next door? Many of the Ngobe Indians live in very basic housing and live on very little money. Maybe she is happy to have the job and the shack? It looks so primitive to me though, especially in this upscale neighborhood.


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4 Responses to An Indian House?

  1. Sunni Morris says:


    I imagine she is happy and grateful for the shack. We grew up in three sharecroppers shacks that my parents joined together to make one dwelling. It’s all we had on the cotton farm after we outgrew the small colonial trailer (like an airstream) we were living in. My siblings and I have some fond memories of that place, but wouldn’t want to go back there and live.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve learned that a person can be happy with very little… or very unhappy even if they have a big house and a lot of material things…
    I do hope the woman you saw is happy 😀


    • This is so true! There are people living here in very basic conditions but with flowers in the yard, friends on the patios, and lots of smiles on their faces. Priorities are different here.


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