The Army Ants Return

The week before last, we had a very interesting encounter with army ants (identified by Kathy, one of my blog readers – thank you!). It was interesting for us, but not so much for our bees who got evicted from their home and all their larvae carried off.


Since then we have had two more visits from these ants but nothing really happened. About a week after the first visit I again noticed the ants in the driveway. They were going up the side of the house in a few areas but with no real purpose, and they were also exploring any outside walkways and patios. A few of them went in the front door but didn’t get much farther than a couple feet from the door. They hung around for a couple hours, apparently finding nothing that interested them, and again vanished without a trace. I couldn’t get a clear idea of where they were coming from or where they went, and they just milled around in a disorganized fashion while they were here.


Yesterday we had another visit and again, disorganized milling about. They seemed less interested in going up the side of the house and more interested in the patio and outside walkways – the carport, the patio, and the laundry room between, and they only ventured a very little ways into the house. We went bike riding and again, when we returned, they had all vanished.


There was a small beehive in the bush outside the front door, and yesterday my husband found it empty and abandoned. I didn’t see it get attacked but it’s certainly possible. The beehive on the side of my next door neighbor’s house is still active and thriving though, so all is not lost (like one ant attack will wipe out the bee population 😀 )


Very curious creatures, these army ants. I’m glad I have a bit of experience with them, and understand that they don’t seem to be a threat to us or our home. Just give them a little time and they will move on.

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