A Man on the Street

I’ve been sorting my photos and finding a few odds and ends I wanted to post….


I don’t know what this man does! It looks like he has two guitars as well as who knows what else. The little dog was following him until he came to the PanAmerican Highway in front of Novey where I snapped this photo. He stopped to put the little dog up on the handlebars before proceeding on.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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4 Responses to A Man on the Street

  1. Elvira says:

    maybe homeless?


  2. indacampo says:

    Let’s play a game! We’ll give you our guesses and see what kind of story comes out of it! Let’s see how many people participate, I know you have a lot of readers. You can help the story along or you can just compile the final product. 🙂 I’ll start…

    This man’s name is Rodolfo, the dogs name is Poco (original I know). He is on his way to Parque Central in David where he will play his music for the town’s children. In his bag he is carrying ….. (fill in the blank).

    * Time for someone else! You need to fill in the blank, make one new sentence of your own, and make one sentence that is a fill in the blank for the next person. You don’t have to be a blogger to blog! *


  3. Sunni Morris says:


    That’s a fun thing to do. I don’t live in Panama so I don’t know if I’m allowed to participate. I do know Kris.and met her when she as visiting Utah USA.

    Here’s my sentence.

    I his bag he is carrying Mangoes from the large mango tree in his yard. He wants to sell the mangoes at the market after he plays for the children. After that he is ……(fill in the blank)


  4. I love it!
    Hey Sunni ~~~~~ waving~~ How’s things with you all?

    OK… he was a good man, worked hard on the construction crew to provide for his family, but he always had music in his head, songs on his tongue. Now that the kids are grown he has to follow his dreams and play music. It’s all he ever really wanted.
    He only had his bike, his dad’s guitar, and his faithful little dog Poco, but it was enough to start with. Every day he would load up his stuff and head for the park to sing his songs. He had the mangoes from his tree for lunch, and he could sell any he didn’t eat. Someone loved his songs so much they gave him another old guitar, and a case! He always brought the extra hat as well so when Poco settled down for a nap he could protect him from the hot sun.


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