More Bloggers Unite at the Boquete Tuesday Market

Now I know not one, but two fellow bloggers in person 🙂  My friend Cindy and her husband arrived in Boquete recently, and we decided to meet at the Tuesday Market. What fun! I should have taken pictures but we were too busy talking and enjoying each other’s company. It’s so interesting to follow someone on line, and then meet them in person. It adds a whole extra dimension, and it’s a lot easier to talk without all the typing 😀 We had a good time and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them.

I also saw our friend Jose. He was working at the Bambu Hostel where we stayed on our first visit here, and we have been friends ever since. He was at the market promoting a new housing development about 15 minutes from David. It looks affordable and very nice. If I wasn’t so attached to our neighborhood, I’d take a look. But, it was great to see Jose. We’ve kept up on Facebook but haven’t seen each other much in person, and he and Joel hadn’t seen each other since our trip three years ago.

I only took a quick walk around the rest of the market because I wasn’t in shopping mode, but there is always something interesting to see. My favorites are always the molas, especially when they are sold by the artisan who makes them.

After the market, we caught up with Holly and Scott at Habla Ya where they were going for the second day of Spanish class. They are looking great, and now even have their own wheels.  I was happy to hear that their first day of class went very well. If they are spending every afternoon at the school, it’s not going to be long before they are talking with everyone.

And, I saw my teacher! We have spent so many hours on line that we are good friends. She is also expecting her first baby in a couple months so it was wonderful to see her looking round, healthy, and happy. We’ve only seen each other in person maybe 4 or 5 times, so today was a real treat.

It’s been a good day. Even the drive is getting more tolerable. There is a crazy back roads detour in the Dolega area, but otherwise it’s mostly new road. There is work in progress in many areas, and I think it will be finished soon. Then it will be faster, safer, and more fun to make the drive to Boquete. That’s good because I’m getting so many new friends there that I expect we’ll be making the drive more often.

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