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Critters of the Day

Yesterday was an interesting day for new critters. . . . . There is always something new around here, but yesterday we saw quite a few interesting critters all in the same day. I love being outside so much I’m spending … Continue reading

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El Explorador in Boquete, Panama

Wednesday I went to Boquete to see Holly and Emma, a couple blogging friends. There is a related post HERE. Our stop at El Explorador was so interesting however, that it deserves a post of its own. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Bloggers Get Together!

Emma of A Woman, A Plan, a Canal… Living in Panama! had a bit of vacation, and decided to spend it in Boquete where Holly of Let The Adventure Begin lives. Of course we had to take this opportunity to … Continue reading

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David, Panama – construction everywhere!

There always seem to be projects underway in our area. There are everything from small home improvement projects to major road construction. New commercial buildings and new homes are everywhere and more are planned. There is a sign in my … Continue reading

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How did we ever have time to work?

Before we moved, people asked us – “When you are retired, what are you going to DO all day??”  Ha! Not a problem. We find plenty to do, and most of it is more fun than working. Wednesday we went … Continue reading

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Jungla de Panama wildlife refuge

We (the three bloggers and husbands) all went out for lunch yesterday. Lunch was at the Jungla de Panama wildlife refuge. I believe the restaurant is independent of the refuge, but they are all on the same property. I had … Continue reading

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A Birthday in Panama

How do you spend your first birthday in Panama? Wake up to an email box overflowing with Facebook greetings, ecards, and messages. Even my Italian teacher from a couple years ago sent me good wishes. I think the best surprise … Continue reading

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More Bloggers Unite at the Boquete Tuesday Market

Now I know not one, but two fellow bloggers in person 🙂  My friend Cindy and her husband arrived in Boquete recently, and we decided to meet at the Tuesday Market. What fun! I should have taken pictures but we … Continue reading

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A Trip to Volcan

Yesterday, we went to Volcán, about a hour’s drive from our home in David. Volcán Barú is the highest point in the area (and the country). Boquete  is on the eastern side of Volcán Barú, and Volcán is in the … Continue reading

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