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An Interesting Bug

Snakes, bugs… I know, I know but I keep seeing things I’ve never seen before. This bug was sitting on a pail in the utility room one night, and then on the broom handle. It looked like some sort of … Continue reading

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Hiking at Rambala

One morning a small group of us set off for a hike in the jungle, led by the caretaker and hiking guide Javier. He has made a path up behind the main grounds of the Rambala Jungle Lodge that leads … Continue reading

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Last Stop, Rambala

Our last stop in our travels was the Rambala Jungle Lodge. We had been here before so I knew what it was like, and I was really looking forward to going there again. Jungle Lodge doesn’t fully explain what this … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring – For this week’s challenge, share a photo which describes what spring means to you. Panama has two seasons, dry and rainy, so we don’t have spring. But we are currently coming out of the dry season … Continue reading

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Dengue Fever

A flyer fell out of a package of trash bags so I picked it up. I know that there is dengue fever in Panama, and that the authorities are working hard to prevent it and educate people on mosquito control. … Continue reading

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My New Shower Buddy

Joel and I were taking a shower the other day. I had my hair all lathered up and my eyes closed to keep the soap out of them, and he tells me “don’t move” in a very serious but quiet … Continue reading

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Motmots and Tutarones, a bit of Panama Wildlife

We see so many birds here! A frequent visitor and one of my favorites is the Blue-Crowned Motmot. They are a bit larger than most of the yard visitors, very quiet, and usually visit singly or in pairs. Like all … Continue reading

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The Ants Ate the Caulking

There is an endless variety of bugs here. I’ve never seen so many types of ants and bees of all sizes and colors. There is a huge variety of other bugs as well, many of them very beautiful and interesting. … Continue reading

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An Interesting Spider

More crawly things, I know, but there are just too many interesting bugs and spiders around here. One morning I noticed this really cool, and quite large bug on leaf outside the window. OK, I think I am done with … Continue reading

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Butterflies at the River

We visited the river a couple days ago and we met with the most interesting sight! There were so many butterflies on the river bank, and quite a few different kinds. It’s the summer dry season now, so I think … Continue reading

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