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Buying Herbalife in Panama, and getting various things done

There are so many wonderful things about this country, but once in a while there is a hiccup. Add my less that stellar Spanish on the phone and it can get very… umm … interesting. My California daughter sells Herbalife. … Continue reading

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The Municipal Market

There is a big municipal market on the south side of town, and it is interesting to see how it has grown. I first visited it when it was quite new and wrote a post about it HERE. At that … Continue reading

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Buying Fruits and Vegetables

This is my very favorite store! I’m probably there 3-4 times/week, either at this shop or another like it. There are many of these fruit and vegetable markets around town. This is one of the bigger ones, and others can … Continue reading

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Traveling Back to the USA

We’ve been here over two years now, and it’s interesting the different thoughts that come to mind when I return to the USA. It’s the same trip back to the same country, but different things seem to strike me as … Continue reading

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Panama City, Albrook Mall

When Holly and I arrived in Panama City, we had some extra time and went to Albrook Mall which is conveniently located next to the Albrook Bus Terminal. I heard it was a big mall but my goodness, it was HUGE! … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Fish Market

When there is no more fish in the freezer, it’s time to go to Pedregal to buy more from the fishermen. My friend Cedo wanted to come along too, so off we went. Pedrigal is a town just a few … Continue reading

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Canasta Basica food store

We are putting together information for other expats who may come to the area. My two biggest challenges when I first arrived were finding things, and understanding Spanish.  We thought it might be useful to identify various businesses that have … Continue reading

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