Canasta Basica food store

We are putting together information for other expats who may come to the area. My two biggest challenges when I first arrived were finding things, and understanding Spanish.  We thought it might be useful to identify various businesses that have someone who speaks English, and also share directions on how to get to these businesses.

Today we went to Canasta Basica, a small local food store. It is supported by the government so it is able to keep prices lower. They have a selection of chicken, pork, beef, some produce, canned goods, condiments, rice, vegetable oil, dried beans, milk, juice, and other items. We bought chicken breasts and legs (drumsticks + thighs) for $1.30/pound, and 30 eggs for $2.50.

This is Oliver (in the red shirt) who speaks English. (The other guy is my husband, partner, and fellow blogger) Oliver always has a big friendly smile, and is usually found behind the meat counter. It’s a real pleasure to see him whenever we shop there. The whole staff is very good, of course, but since Oliver enjoys practicing his English with us he is the one we talk with the most.



The store is located south of the Pan American Highway, just down the road from Super Barú. Go south on the road that goes down the east side of Super Barú, and you’ll see it on your left in a couple blocks. THIS is a map of how to get to the store. KFC is an easy landmark on the Pan American so we started from there.

This is the front of the store, so this is what you are looking for.



We will continue adding information about various business, and we also hope to add some video clips of business people so our readers can meet these good people. If any of you have any requests or suggestions for something we could include, please let us know. Write to  or leave a note in the comments section below.

I have also had a request for a larger font so posts are easier to read, so I’m giving this one a try. Feedback is always welcome on anything you see, or would like to see on our blog!

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