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A Waterfall by the River

Yesterday, we went a little ways up the Via Boquete to a spot on our list of places to explore. It’s by the river and there is a great waterfall. It looks like someone in the past had made it … Continue reading

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I seem to be out and about today

Habla Ya, the Spanish language school here, is having a contest. Write an essay and win more lessons. I have lots more to learn so I wrote an essay. They posted it today on their blog. Another site asked … Continue reading

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Move to Paradise

The word “paradise” causes a knee jerk reaction in us. We have seen too much of the hype from companies looking to sell you something – publications, books, expensive conferences, and relocation tours. When were in Las Olas there happened … Continue reading

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Driving through the Panama Countryside

We went from David to the Las Olas Beach Resort to spend some time at the beach. It’s a beautiful drive. I thought I’d share some photos and a little look at Panamanian life. We passed many beautiful fields and amazing … Continue reading

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Our Cost of Living in Panama – June 2013

The cost of living reports are always in the top ten list in my blog stats, so I know there is a lot of interest in this information. The first report was in February. The next was in April. I … Continue reading

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Jungla de Panama wildlife refuge

We (the three bloggers and husbands) all went out for lunch yesterday. Lunch was at the Jungla de Panama wildlife refuge. I believe the restaurant is independent of the refuge, but they are all on the same property. I had … Continue reading

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Bloggers United!

It’s been quite the weekend! Sunday had even more new and interesting experiences. I’ve followed Cindy and Holly for quite a while as they made decisions, made moving preparations, successfully completed their moves, and got settled in Panama. Yesterday for … Continue reading

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We Have Water!

One wouldn’t think this is remarkable, but today it is. The water has been shut off every day for a week, sometimes not coming back on until quite late at night. No one seems to know what is going on, just … Continue reading

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A Birthday in Panama

How do you spend your first birthday in Panama? Wake up to an email box overflowing with Facebook greetings, ecards, and messages. Even my Italian teacher from a couple years ago sent me good wishes. I think the best surprise … Continue reading

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The Grasshopper!

Yesterday I saw the biggest grasshopper I’d ever seen! It was maybe four inches long and really beautiful. My friend and I were walking around my yard and she spotted in on one of my pineapple plants. She wanted to … Continue reading

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