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Some Interesting Thoughts About Health Care from another blog

This is from Future Expats Forum  I tried to share by reblogging it here but it didn’t work. Please excuse the previous blank post. Here is the cut and paste version from the Future Expats Forum website. Yes, those of … Continue reading

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The New David Bus Terminal

There seems to be an endless amount of construction everywhere in Panama. A bigger project that started recently in David is the new bus terminal. It looks like it will also include a major shopping center, so it will be … Continue reading

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Processing Rice

There is a lot of rice grown in Panama. Today I had the opportunity to visit a rice processing place which I found very interesting. Cedo was looking for hulls to use as bedding for her chickens. They give away … Continue reading

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Volcán Barú

Volcán Barú is our active volcano and at over 11,000 feet, the highest spot in Panama. When it isn’t hidden by clouds it can be seen from many places in the area. One good spot is a field just down … Continue reading

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Murciélagos – Bats

I’ve seen bats in the evening for as long as I’ve lived here but I never had a chance to get a good look at them, until recently. One night the power went out. Maybe we left the doors open … Continue reading

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Visiting Cows

I went biking on one of my favorite routes yesterday. It was a pretty day, lots of cows were hanging out near fences, and I just felt like photographing them. Maybe it was because they seemed to be in such mellow … Continue reading

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Cost of Living, August 2015

Once in a while I do a cost of living report so we can see how we are doing. Also, many others want to know what it costs to live here and are very interested in our numbers. Of course, … Continue reading

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The Municipal Market

There is a big municipal market on the south side of town, and it is interesting to see how it has grown. I first visited it when it was quite new and wrote a post about it HERE. At that … Continue reading

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A Blue Bug

We were hunting for mangoes one day when I saw what looked like a very large wasp. It was very busy scurrying around in the leaves, opening and closing its wings. When the sun caught the wings there will be … Continue reading

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Turn the Faucet for Water

This is what we are used to, but here in Panama it doesn’t always work like that. Some areas have more problems than others, but it seems no one is immune to times without water. We have learned to be … Continue reading

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